Updates on PG Mall, OPI & ASOS Sprees (Jan - 15 Feb)

Hi Gals, pls refer to this page for the updates on the above mentioned sprees. Tho we have updated constantly on each spree page, we realised some of you are not able to click on previous page to view the updates. Hence hope this will help.

1. PG Mall Bags
** Orders placed on 16/1/08
** PG Mall has confirmed the orders on 26/1/08.
- Chasers sent on 4/2/08, 9/2/08, 12/2/08, 15/2/08
** PG Mall had sent the items today. Expected arrival is 1/3/08.
** Bags arrived. Had sent emails to buyers on posting/ collection.

2. OPI Spree
** Orders placed on 12/2/08
** Items reach Sg. Emails/ SMSes sent to notify buyers.

3. ASOS Spree
** Orders placed on 12/2/08
** Comgateway pending delivery from asos.com