Nov Sprees! (CLOSED)

Hi Folks, the sprees organised this mth will be based on the results from the poll. They are

* Forever21 will be ordered via For both ASOS and Victoria Secrets, we will order via ComGateWay.

** We are able to get OPI stuff at special rates. Nail colours/top coat/base coat will be at $9.50, OPI designer series will be at $16/bottle. If you are also interested to get Nail Tek nail treatments, we can get them at $15/bottle.



My e-mail add:

We reserve the right to cancel the spree due to unforeseen circumstances OR if the response is bad. Refunds would be made.

All updates will be done on this page. Major updates will also be sent via e-mail. Please bookmark this page for future references.

We would not be liable for any lost/damaged goods during the delivery process.


Please add item to cart to ensure availability no backordered items

Double check that the item name, URL and price is correct. Will follow the URL if name and URL differs.

We will only take in orders of those who pay up first before the spree closes as shown on my IB statement, and not according to those who posted their comments first.

3. Payment

Exchange rate: 1USD = 1.50 SGD

Spree-ers are to make payment to: DBS Savings Plus 029-7-030916

No inter-bank transfers. Email me for my OCBC account no. should you need to transfer via OCBC.

Shipping from CGW/Vpost to Singapore will be shared among the number of shipping units

♥ Shipping costs / No. of items = Shipping per item

Accessories/undie - 0.5 unit

Tops/swimwear/shades/bra - 1 unit

Skirts/belts/clutches/sweater/shorts/long tops/tunics - 1.5 units

Bottoms(bermudas,overall,jumper)/dresses - 2 units

Jackets - 2.5 units

There will be 2 transactions:

  • 1st: Item price X 1.52 + Initial shipping $3 (applies for F21 orders)
  • 2nd: Shipping to SG/units + Local Postage + Handling charge $0.50

4. Shipping

Via domestic shipping (within US) & vPOST (from US to Singapore)

Item ratio (weigh) TBC when the items arrive in S'pore

5. Distribution

Strictly by normal/registered mail only.

Local postage rates apply. Registered post (additional $2.24) is recommended. (Refer to Singpost local postal rates under Non-Standard Mail at:

A handling charge of $0.50 will be collected per spree-er to cover packaging and other misc costs

6. Format of Order


Acct Type/Acct No:

Item #1

Item name:





Price in USD:

Item #2

Item name:





Price in USD:

Total no. of items:

Total price in USD:Total price in SGD: [(Total in USD X 1.52) + (No. of items X 2)] =

*** PAID ***

For IB users - IBanking nick: - Amt: - Ref no:

For ATM transfer - Amt: - Date & Time:- Location: - Ref no.: